Bicycle Bell Ringtone Snippet from the Queen song "Bicycle Race". The... 194.3Kb
Ellen Feiss Ringtone I snipped out the little "bleep bleep bleep bleep... 10Kb
Fairchild DM7486 Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate This device contains four independent gates each... 37.9Kb
GemCore Datasheet PDF Datasheet for the GemCore Smartcard Readers.... 555.5Kb
Gemplus Gemcore drivers for Linux Linux drivers for smartcard devices with Gemcore... 294.6Kb
GemPlus Serial / GCR415 Diagnostic Utility Diagnostic tool for Gemplus Based Smartcard... 1420.6Kb
GemPlus Serial / GCR415 Windows Drivers Installer for Gemplus Serial / GRC415 windows... 1303.9Kb
GemPluss Serial Datasheet PDF Datasheet for the GemCore Smartcard Readers.... 851.6Kb
GP2Y0A02YK Datasheet Datasheet for Sharp GP2Y0A02YK Long Distance... 64.9Kb
ISO 7816 Overview ISO 7816 Overview 57Kb
PC/SC Lite Smartcard communication software for linux. 925.6Kb
Prototype Javascript Framework Version 1.6.0 Prototype is a JavaScript Framework that aims to... 121.2Kb
qtPlaylist qtPlaylist is a bash script to create a smil... 2.4Kb
SN74LS04 Datasheet Datasheet for SN74LS04LOW POWER SCHOTTKY Hex... 121.1Kb
SN74LS240 / SN74LS24 Datashet Datashet for SN74LS240 / SN74LS24 Octal... 127.6Kb
SN75441 Datasheet Datasheet for SN75441 Quadruple HALF-H Driver... 168Kb
SonaSwitch Mini-S Datasheet Datasheet for SonaSwitch Mini-S Ultrasonic... 98.3Kb